Monday, May 30, 2011

Kickin' it old school

This has been my latest obsession

  • Drama, drama, drama!! When I was younger I would sneak in episodes of 90210, my mom didn't exactly "approve" of this show. But it was usually on before she got home from work so I still got my 90210 time in. but lately I have been catching up on the show I have missed!! Soapnet channel is the best thing ever!! Reruns on all of the soaps you know and love!! I loved the seasons with Kelli Kapowski, she was such a biotch. Any girls that say they don't like this show are lying to themselves and everyone else. The love triangle between Kelly, Dylan and Brandon is really all I cared about. Donna Martin is awful!! Has anyone else noticed that her face is shaped like a potato? If you have access to the SOAPNET channel I suggest catching up on some of your favorites!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 Reasons....

No not 10 reasons why I haven't blogged in a while, but 10 reasons why my mom is cooler than yours!! It being mothers day and all I decided to make everyone want my mom as there's by posting about how freaking awesome she is:) and I plan to do it in the same fashion David Letterman does his top 10 lists every night, so please pretend there is a drumroll:

#10- she is the best cook in the world(I realize everyone says this about their mothers but seriously it's true).
#9- she is one hip mama!! She has great style great hairstyle and everyone thinks she is younger than she actually is.
#8- my mom is up for anything. If for instance one of her children were to call her and say let's take a trip to some exotic place. She would totally be up for it. I'm not saying it would happen because going to exotic places requires money, and lots of it. But she would still be game:)
#7- She is full of exciting ideas. Whenever the whole family gets together she plans the entire week. We're doing this, this, this, this and this. It's awesome if you are like me and are up for whatever anyone puts in front of you.
#6- I love how she likes to take care of everyone. I think I have at least a dozen of adopted siblings because she is always taking people under her wing and taking care of them.
#5- HILARIOUS. I know that everyone wonders where I get my sense of humor. I have equally hilarious parents. Which always keeps life interesting!!
#4- she's a hard worker. If you give my mom a project she will put 100% into it. All of her heart and soul.
#3- She knows just what to say. Whenever I call her upset or worried or scared she says just what I need to hear.
#2- her testimony. She has such a clear understanding of the gospel. And I love how important God is to her in her life.

and the #1 reason my mom is cooler than yours..... She had ME!! None of your moms can top that!! Seriously, cause that would be weird.

So thank you mom for all you do. I love you very much. I got you some flowers. And I took good care of them for you:)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here's the thing. You know when people ask you if you could have ANY super power what would it be?? Well I wouldn't have to pick what mine would be... I. Am. Sabator. I can sabotage any situation. I'll swoop in on my really awesome unicorn with my sweet cape and sabotage the crap out of anything. Especially dating situations:)I am constantly doing whatever I can to sabotage my relationships. Over analyzing, being picky about really stupid things and pushing guys to the point that they wouldn't want to date me. I know I talk about dating a lot on this blog. But I have nothing else really exciting going on in my life. Since I've been here though I've come to realize that maybe it's not me sabotaging things. Maybe I am just really not dating the right guys. I've had some real doozies for dates here. Here are a few examples. A few posts ago I told you about a blind date I went on and the guy was just weird. I never actually said why it was weird. He was a very nice guy and I was really honestly going to give it a shot and just make the best of it but when he put me in the car to leave he turned to me and said "I usually say a prayer before I go anywhere so I thought I would say one before we left, I'll go ahead and say it".... I just wanted to say to him you're darn right you'll go ahead and say it guy!! I'm a spiritual person but come on, that's a little much. Right?? After him I went on a date with this guy Schmom(rhymes with) and we actually did date for about a month. Things started getting really weird between us though when he told me that he thought I had FP(Otherwise known as FAT POTENTIAL). Men, a little advice, NEVER say this to a girl. I don't care if you actually think it. I don't care if you have had a conversation about other people getting fat DO NOT say anything like this. If I find out you have then I will hunt you down and punch you in the junk. Luckily there was a really cool guy that I went out with after that relationship went south and it restored my confidence that there are still some good men out there!! So that's enough about that.

I haven't posted for about a month but things are pretty good. I got through my 28th birthday feeling pretty freaking awesome!! I had good friends around me and Laura and Anmaree came to visit!! It was the best. I just love them and I may or may not have cried when they left:) Here's a picture of us!!

Aren't we adorable?? Seriously my friends are totally awesome!! And look at how much my family and friends spoiled me:

and this isn't even all of it!! When I got to work that morning my co-worker had brought be flowers and chocolate and lip gloss and then my boss and his wife took me to sushi!! AND they gave me chocolate covered strawberries and bananas from edible arrangements and a movie gift certificate. AND when I got home from work I had the coolest gift from my friends Jen and Zoe, they actually mailed me my favorite sandwich from a place in Utah that me and Jen would always eat at. How many of you have ever had a sandwich mailed to you?? Well I have and it was awesome and delicious!! Later that night my cousin was cooking away and some friends came over for dinner, cake and ice cream and games. It was honestly a perfect birthday. 28 and feelin' great!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Seagull Bay

So my new job is fantastic I worked there the week after Christmas because the attorney's paralegal was gone, but now there is no room for me until they move into the new office which won't be until the 17th. So since I had the break I decided to go home and see my family!! I just love them:) I was able to get some time in with them which is just what I needed. I was able to see my little sister and her little girl who I haven't seen since she was 1 week old. She's so cute!! But enough about that. I'm sure you are wondering the title of this post, so here's the story. When me and my siblings were younger we would drive to Boise quite a bit. Most of the time to visit family but sometimes for my dads softball games. Any of you that have traveled from Blackfoot to Boise know that there aren't a ton of rest stops, you kind of have to drive a ways until you find a rest area. This one particular trip my brother had to go to the bathroom really really bad. And he asked my dad to pull over my dad was going to try and make it to the rest stop but my brother couldn't make it. When we hit Seagull Bay he couldn't hold it any longer peed his pants a little and yelled for my dad to pull over. I'm not telling this story to embarrass him, it's one of the greatest childhood memories I have and ever since then whenever we drove by Seagull Bay we would always tease him about it. When we all got older and he got married and moved away it got a little bit harder to tease him since he wasn't in the car. Thank goodness for picture texting!! I passed it a couple of years ago and sent him a picture. He sent me a picture back of him flipping the bird. SO when I went home this week I had to go through Seagull Bay to get to the airport and my sister Alysia and I just had to send him a picture. This is what we sent.

That's me and my niece, my brother still hasn't responded. Sure do love him!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Latest adventure-DATING!

I'm going to be 100 % honest with you... I am the worlds worst dater. I'm not saying it for pity or encouragement I'm just stating the facts here people!! I'm the worst!! Tonight I had a blind date. Blind dates and me go hand in hand. It's the source of my dating life, and I'm not complaining!! I love and appreciate the compliment of a friend setting me up. But sometimes I feel like the dates I get set up on are simply because we are both mormon and single. Not all of them but a good portion of them:) I'm not going to rag on the guy I went out with tonight, I'm not going to use his name so lets just call him Schmoug. Schmoug is a really really good guy, we went and painted pottery and stuff, which I have never done before and it was creative and nice. But you know when you go out with someone and there is just some missing factors? We've all been there, so please don't think "Nicole is such a snot she isn't even giving this guy a chance" or "maybe you should just go out with him again because you never know if there is something there!!" but you know what? Sometimes you do know if there isn't. Schmoug was a gentleman and he has a good job and is active in church and everything. He has everything a girl would want, I should be interested in him. It's not there. It is possible to know that just off the bat. Am I crazy?? Where the hell is this mister right so that I can prove I'm not crazy!!! Okay I know there is no such thing as mister right. Am I selfish for not wanting to force an attraction to someone?? There is more to the date that swayed my thinking but I'm not going to put down Schmoug. Like I said he's a really good guy!! Man I'm doomed!! Doomed I tell you!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yay for me!!

To say the last couple of weeks have been crazy would be an understatement. Things at Great Harvest have been so busy that by the time I get home I just want to pass out. And besides that I have some other exciting things that have happened. First, I got a calling at my church in the primary:) when I was asked to take it it was weird because I didn't even know they had primary in a singles ward. But the bishoprics here bring their kids with them and so far it has been awesome!! There are only 3 kids but they are so cute, and smart!! They know so much and it's fun to teach them and help them learn more about church and Christ and everything. So that's one thing. The next thing... I got a job!! It's the one I wanted with the lawyer. I'm excited because it's just me and his paralegal and him. So it's a small firm but I kind of like that. I think there will be a lot of opportunity and room for growth. I'm just grateful I got one because the economy more than sucks here. And I know you are all concerned with me not working at Great Harvest but don't worry!! I decided to keep working Saturdays there. A little extra cash never hurt anyone:) I also had some friends come and visit. Barbara and Vanessa! I lived with them in Provo and I love them. It was so fun to see them again and do something with some friends!! We had a little photo shoot and had fun. Here's a preview:

Aren't you jealous?? We had so much fun!! And I needed it because I'm not going to be able to go home for Christmas. So seeing some familiar faces made me feel like I was back at home. I hope you all have a great Christmas!! I'm so grateful for all of my family and friends I'm very blessed and wish you all the best!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things that make me go hmmmm.

Of course when you move to a different state things are going to be a little bit different, since I've been in Vegas I've been noticing things. Here are a list of my frustrations.

- The roads- I seriously think every state should redo their roads and really consider the grid system that is used in Utah. It works people!! Here, you can be on a road with one name and then all of a sudden it turns into another street. Weird.
- The cars- The vehicles here are disgusting, I've seen an expedition that had the front jacked up but the back lowered and almost touching the ground, I've seen so many gross Vans with black tinted windows and nice rims, and the kicker was the one I saw last week that was a big white van with tinted windows and on the back it said "child care" with a phone number. I'm not sure it's the best way to promote child care on a white molester looking van.
- People are redonkulous about personalized license plates here, the next time you are here or just driving through, count how many you see cause they are everywhere!!
-There is Road Construction everywhere you look and the I-15 going past the strip is the worst place to drive ever!!

So there is a list of my must goes in Vegas, I should probably list all the porn and stuff everywhere too huh? Who wants to see that?? Maybe don't answer that question.

I do have a list of likes though too:

-My ward and everyone at my church is really awesome, everyone has been really cool and I keep getting phone calls from people asking if I'm still looking for a job and if I want to go to dinner with them. Way awesome.
-I really like everyone that I work with at Great Harvest. I've made friends and am able to be myself and relax at work, all while eating delicious snacks.
- I can't say enough about the weather, it's my first not white, dreary, frickin freezing christmas and I have nothing but good things to say!! I know I know just wait until summer is what everyone keeps telling me, but I've come to find that I am one of those people that would rather be too hot than freezing cold. Besides, being too warm is fixable, you just go and jump in the pool, and yes I have one to jump into:)
- It's been so fun living with my cousin, we have the best time ever.
- My brother and his family living so close has been the best thing for me.
- I love my house, my neighborhood and the location.

See so the good list far outweighs the bad, which means I'm the most positive person on the earth:)